Tips for a Successful Yard Sale

4 Apr

Plan Carefully: Make sure you have small bills and quarters on hand to make change.

The Price is Right: Decide on prices for your items. Each and every item you have in your yard sale should be visibly priced. If you are having a multiple family yard sale, a good idea is to use different colored stickers for each family.

Price Things Right: Remember that, even though the items you’re selling may have value to you, you can’t count on getting a lot for them at a yard sale. Your customers are expecting a good deal. As a general rule of thumb, price items about a quarter or third of what they would cost new. Books are usually 50 cents or $1 and CDs are $1.

A rule on price: you can always go down on a price, but you can never go back up. If you don’t have time to price everything individually, signs are helpful, such as “all books .50 each or “anything on this table .50”. When selling books and CDs – arrange in a box so the customers can easily read the titles.

Know What Sells: The things that do best tend to be furniture, sporting goods, kitchen wares and tools. Toys and games can be good sellers if they are in good condition, and kids’ clothes can be a draw. Presentation: You don’t want to just throw your items out in the front yard. The more organized your set up, the greater your chance of success. Place as many small items as you can on tables. People do not want to have to bend down to look at what you are selling. Keep your items grouped together. Place large, more desired items at the back of the sale. This way, people that are coming to look at those items will have to walk past everything else that you are selling. If you are selling clothing, consider hanging the clothing up.

Have plastic grocery bags available to put sold items in. If selling breakables, have newspaper available to wrap fragile items. If you are selling electrical appliances, have an electrical outlet handy or a long extension cord.

Advertise: Even though a banner will be placed at the entrance to our neighborhood, you might want to have a few signs of your own. And don’t forget, TAKE YOUR SIGNS DOWN. Also, you can promote your yard sale via your own Facebook page.

You may want to donate what you have left to your favorite charitable organization. Just give them a call several days before the yard sale to see when they will be coming into our neighborhood. Disabled American Veterans (1-800-238-8387) and Vietnam Veterans (1-866-241-8387) pick-up in our neighborhood several times a year. Also, you can drop off at any Goodwill Donation Express.

These are just a few tips to help you have a successful yard sale. Good Luck!!