SPHA 2017 Holiday Lights Contest Winners

7 Jan

We are pleased to announce the winners of the SPHA 2017 Holiday Lights Contest! We had so many more homes to choose from this year that we had to add four more categories for Best Window, Bambi (LOTS of deer in our neighborhood this year!), Best Inflatables, and Holiday Humor. Congratulations to the winning homes. Scroll down to see the winners as well as a list of Honorable Mentions.

Best Overall – 7660 Del Oak Way

Most Creative – 7643 Roman Oak

Best Window – 7668 El Douro Drive

Holiday Humor – 7635 River Ranch Way

Best Monochromatic – 1181 Grand River Drive

Bambi Award – 5 Fox Oak Court

Best Inflatables – 7722 Los Rancho Way

BEST STREET: Cedarbrook Way

Honorable Mentions:

7681 Greenhaven Drive
7708 Sleepy River Way
1 Fox Oak Court
7647 Roman Oak Way
1208 Cedarbrook Way
1200 Cedarbrook Way
7558 River Ranch Way
1264 Grand River Drive
1320 Manzano Way
7679 El Douro Drive