Free Little Library Now Open in Our Neighborhood!!

26 Oct

We now have a Free Little Library (FLL) between 7737 and 7741 El Douro Drive. It was a true neighborhood effort and it is officially registered with the FLL organization. Books are available for little kids all the way up to adults. The project started with a conversation over a year ago, 7 weeks from paint to posting, several neighbors participating in one way or another, multiple trips to Home Depot and at least 4 coats of paint……the El Douro Drive Free Little Library is open for all to take a book and/or give a book!

The ‘Librarians’ are thrilled with how well the library has been received so far. They are receiving more books donated than will fit, so they have added  a small note pad as a “wish list” so they can manage the rotations of books and make sure nothing stays in there too long

Charlotte, one of the neighbors who helped with getting the library up and running, has put in a small solar light , charging it during the day so there is a little light in the library at night.

Jennifer leaves messages both outside and inside the library. Currently the side messages are famous literary quotes.

Many thanks to Jennifer Coyle, Gordon (last name unknown), Gerry Miller, Charlotte Carson, and Scooter (the trusty 4-legged mascot) for such an inspiring addition to the neighborhood!!!

20150804_110432Gerry and the FLL20150826_204346